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Help the construction of a new countryside!


As all departments and enterprises slowly resume work and production, everything is slowly recovering, and the construction of new rural areas is also proceeding in an orderly manner; rural toilet renovation is one of the new rural construction policies;

How to quickly build and complete the renovation of rural toilets during the epidemic! ? Lianglilai assisted the construction of toilet renovation tasks in the new countryside; during the epidemic, no crowds were gathered in public places, and the construction was completed in the Liangli factory; the three container toilets took only one week from construction to interior and exterior decoration, and installation of internal supporting facilities. !

All indoor floors are installed with patterned steel plates, which are characterized by waterproof, environmental protection, zero formaldehyde release, non-slip, ultra-high wear resistance, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance, zero expansion, high color fastness, and meet the needs of public facilities; surrounding wall panels and ceilings All are filled with fireproof rock wool, and the fireproof coefficient of the whole box reaches A level!

Internal diagram:

The toilet facilities are prefabricated in the factory, and the transportation is very convenient. A truck can be delivered to the designated location;

When you arrive at the designated location, you only need to hoist and place it in the designated location, connect the water pipes, and power it on! 3 boxes are installed on site, basically completed in one day;

The exterior of the toilet is decorated with external decorative panels and equipped with Chinese characteristic eaves. The container toilet can also be so standardized! Rural toilets were created from scratch, from dirty and messy to clean and standard. This is a qualitative leap!