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Hospital nucleic acid testing station


In this special period of the epidemic, major hospitals are also shouldering heavy responsibilities, and hospitals above the second level need to carry out new coronavirus testing; the daily windows of hospitals still need to be maintained, and the combined testing windows are not safe. How to quickly add testing windows? ! With the reference plan of Huoshenshan Hospital, the hospital found the manufacturer nearby and found our company quickly;

At the end of May, the editor of Liangli received 3 special visitors; after they learned about the structure of the container mobile house, they asked whether the size can be customized and the size of the doors and windows can be changed? The most important thing is, can it be delivered and installed as quickly as possible? And the delivery road is relatively narrow, can it be delivered? This point aroused the attention of the editor, and asked the reason; it turned out that the three visitors were doctors and the container was used as a nucleic acid testing station;

How to coordinate a large number of engineering and construction orders ahead? Is the manufacturer willing to deliver in a short time when the number of customized door and window accessories is small? The editor then reported to the leadership. After learning that its purpose was a nucleic acid testing station, our company immediately opened the green channel, and all departments actively cooperated! Door and window manufacturers know that they are anti-epidemic materials, and they are equally effective! It only took 6 days from the hospital's confirmation of the final plan to the completion of the installation and the overcoming of the distribution problems!

It turned out that the hospital was also in danger, and the hospital temporarily set up tents to serve as nucleic acid testing stations. However, as the summer comes, the temperature rises, and they wear sultry protective clothing, how will medical workers carry out testing? In addition to the rainy season, heavy wind and heavy rain, the tent is really not suitable as a nucleic acid testing station;

The doctors of the hospital used the rest time to discuss the plan and hand-drawn the layout plan; the staff of our company also actively cooperated, answered doubts, and implemented the "idea" into a feasible plan; due to site reasons, the final customized size was 3020*2438*2996mm;

The container mobile houses produced by our company are filled with rock wool, which can provide heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and the fireproof coefficient of the whole container is up to A; earthquake fortification is 8 and wind resistance is 12; the inspection station is equipped with air-conditioning fans, regardless of It can provide a safe and reliable working space in hot summer, cold winter, windy and rainy flood season;