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Large-scale engineering command center of airport through project


Project Name: Large-scale Engineering Command Center of Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport Link Project

Dalin Address: Meifu Road, Minhang District

Number of boxes: 74 boxes Building area: 1528 square meters

The cabinet frame color of the project is customized for customers in RAL5012 light blue, and the configuration of floor-to-ceiling glass makes the entire project department more high-end and formal. Although it is a temporary building, the quality also requires high standards;

The cabinet of this project has four different specifications, namely 6055*3000*3800mm 6055*1145*3800mm 6055*3000*3000mm 6055*1145*3000mm, absolute VIP customization;

Regardless of the installation drawing, do you think this is a traditional reinforced concrete building?

Construction is still in progress, and the interior is still being decorated;

You work hard to build a better city. We specialize in creating comfortable spaces for office and accommodation, realizing the standardization of temporary construction facilities, and improving the happiness index of construction workers! We are constantly exploring optimization and improvement, and strive to change the status quo of Dalin Construction at home and abroad;