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Large-scale labor camp project in Kenya, Africa


Project Description

The project is located in Kenya, Africa. It is a large labor camp with a total area of 5,000 square meters; mainly accommodation boxes, including toilet boxes, kitchen boxes, warehouse boxes, tool boxes, etc., totaling more than 120 movable houses.

The modular container factory produced by our company has a high degree of prefabrication and quick on-site installation; it is detachable, movable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly; it has good thermal insulation and sound insulation, can be flexibly combined, and has various styles. The whole container is fireproof.

Project location

The Republic of Kenya is located in eastern Africa, with the equator traversing the central part, and the Great Rift Valley traversing north and south. The whole territory is located in the tropical monsoon area, but affected by its higher terrain, it has a tropical grassland climate with large precipitation seasons. The highest temperature throughout the year is 22-26°C and the lowest is 10-14°C.

Project site photos:

Project internal design drawing:

Kenya is a potential market. The Kenyan government lists energy, infrastructure and construction, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, tourism, wholesale and retail, financial services, and information industries in the 2030 vision. As a key development area. The temporary construction plan of container-type mobile houses produced by our company was fortunately adopted during the development and construction process to serve large-scale development projects.

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