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Equestrian Park Project Engineering Command Center

Project name: Equestrian Park Project Engineering Command Center
Dalin Address:Shanghai

Number of boxes: 263 boxes buildingArea: 4778 square meters

The color of the box frame of the project is RAL9006 white aluminum gray, and the railings and roof are all in construction red. The unified specifications of the box are neatly discharged according to the drawings, which makes the entire project department more standardized. Although it is a temporary building, the quality needs high standards.

The boxes are prefabricated in the factory. They are simply hoisted on site and can be delivered after power on; using lifting equipment such as forklifts or cranes, 4 skilled workers can install 8-10 standard 20-foot containerized mobile houses in 8 hours, which is easy to install!

The equestrian dormitory area is a three-story building. Our company has undergone many weight-bearing experiments to show that the highest combination of container-type mobile houses is recommended to be three-story, and its firmness and stability are the best; our materials are also sent to the SGS certification body Inspection and testing, the test result is that the whole box is fireproof A grade; earthquake fortification: 8; wind resistance: 12;

You work hard to build a better city. We specialize in creating comfortable spaces for office and accommodation, realizing the standardization of temporary construction facilities, and improving the happiness index of construction workers! We are constantly exploring optimization and improvement, and strive to change the status quo of Dalin Construction at home and abroad;